Please help make vmdb2 better. There are many ways to contribute that don’t involve writing code.

  • improve the documentation
    • fix typos or grammar
    • clarify some part
    • provide a helpful diagram
    • write missing parts of the documentation
  • improve the website
    • fix typos or grammar
    • fix a layout problem
    • suggest a helpful link
    • make a stylish logo?
  • try out the software and report your back your experiences
    • what went well? what could be improved?
  • help others who have trouble with the software
    • on IRC, Matrix, or on the issue tracker
  • help the developers understand what you need
    • document your use case
  • fix a bug
  • add a missing feature

We co-ordinate our work via the issue tracker; also, the Debian bug tracker. Using GitLab requires an account on the site: if that’s a problem for you, please get in touch and we may be able to arrange something.

Getting vmdb2 to change so you can do what you want to do

Sometimes it happens you want vmdb2 to do something that it doesn’t quite know how to do. Here’s some advice for that situation.

  • For any substantial discussions, we prefer the issue tracker over chat systems. Chat systems are great for quick questions, but they’re also ephemeral and only help the people who happen to be present at the time. The issue tracker lasts longer, and allows long-form replies and taking time to respond in depth.

  • When suggesting or contributing a new feature, please always start by explaining the thing you want to achieve. “I want to create an image that runs on a RISC-V board” is a better start than sending a patch to use a new boot loader. It’s easier to judge a change fairly if the need for it is clear.

  • If you contribute a functional change, please also change the automated test suite to verify the changed functionality changes. If you’re not sure how to do that, please ask, and we’ll help. We rely on our test suite to be able to make large changes rapidly and confidently. (Adding tests for bugs, when they’re fixed, would be nice too, but we don’t insist on that.)

Some caveats so you know what to expect:

  • vmdb2 is a hobby project. It might take a while for us to respond. Please be patient. However, if you open an issue, and haven’t heard back in a week, ping us on the issue or via a chat system. We try to be prompt, but sometimes work and life get in the way of working on hobby projects.