Version 0.16, released 2020-06-06

  • Progress output is now flushed after every write. This matters, when the output goes to a pipe, because then Python would buffer the output, meaning that progress output gets delayed until the buffer fills up, and that’s useless.

  • The documentation is now formatted using Subplot. Previously, the manual and the acceptance test suite were split into separate, but confusingly named files ( vs vmdb2.mdwn); now they are combined. The manual has been cleaned up a bit.

  • Add a quiet field to the grub step to configure the kernel boot to be quiet or not. Default is now not quiet, which is a change from before.

  • Add a timeout field to the grub step to configure grub menu timeout. Default is now zero seconds, which is a change from the Debian default of five seconds.

  • Symbolic links can now be used in the mkpart step for device files, thanks to Tim Small.